Computer simulations of quantum transport in semiconductor nanodevices


prof. dr hab. Janusz Adamowski (AGH) (mail)


Paweł Wójcik (WFiIS AGH)


Computer simulations of quantum transport in semiconductor nanodevices

Foreign partner:

Professor Bryan Hickey, University of Leeds, UK

Brief description:

The project will consist of a theoretical study of electron transport in solidstate (semiconductor) nanodevices. In particular, we will focus on spin-polarized electron transport in spintronic nanodevices. The computer simulations are helpful for an explanation of the observed effects and a design of new nanodevices. We will investigate the spinpolarized electron transport with the help of quantum kinetic equation for a Wigner distribution function. This approach will enable us to study non-equilibrium effects observed in spintronic nanodevices. We plan to determine current-voltage characteristics of the nanodevices with a different geometry as functions of temperature and charge density distribution. Moreover, we plan to calculate the time characteristics of the nanodevices.
The group of the University of Leeds carries out intensive experimental and theoretical studies of spin-polarized electron transport in layer semiconductor and metal structures. Therefore, it will be valuable for us to cooperate with this group. In our group, the important role will be played by Dr. B. Spisak, who cooperated with Professor G. J. Morgan from Leeds and already participated in planning this research. As a result of the cooperation with the Leeds group we will have an opportunity of a direct comparison of the calculation results with experiments and a further development of the theory.

Students international exchange:

The student will stay in the group of the English partner for two reporting periods (reporting periods III and V)
The first visit (III):
Elaboration of the theory and numerical methods to a description of quantum electron transport in solid-state nanodevices. The implementation of computer simulation methods for the Wigner distribution function was initialized by Professor G. J. Morgan at the University of Leeds. We will benefit from the expertise of the Leeds group in this field.
The second visit (V):
Elaboration of numerical methods for spin-polarized electrons in solid-state nanodevices. We will benefit from the experimental data obtained in the Leeds group.

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