Hybrid organic-inorganic layered materials - precursors of semiconducting nanostructures.


prof. dr hab. Wiesław Łasocha (ICSC) (mail)


Hybrid organic-inorganic layered materials - precursors of semiconducting nanostructures.

Foreign partner:

Prof. Pavla Capkova, Nanotechnology Centre, VŠB-Technical, University Ostrava, 17.listopadu 15; 70833 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic

Brief description:

Methods of synthesis of hybrid layered compounds in which semiconducting monolayers Me(II)-X(VI) [Me=Zn,Cd,Cu; X=S,Se,Te] are separated by layers of diamines have been recently elaborated. Such compounds are interesting materials for microelectronic and optic applications, since by proper selection of R-(NH2)2 molecules, properties of the obtained materials can be modified. Initial tests performed by us indicate the possibility of synthesis of new layered compounds. Thermal decomposition of such compounds (supported by microwave or chemical treatment) may result in formation of semiconducting nanometric MeX aggregates. Within PhD programme we are going to study selected properties, structure and morphology of hybrid inorganic-organic precursors and nanostructural materials. Obtained materials will be tested in catalysis, photocatalysis, sorption and degradation of organic pollutants.

Students international exchange:

The student will stay in the group of the Czech partner for six months (VI-th. reporting period) performing the studies of selected properties of the obtained materials.

The student's visit at the Nanotechnology Centre, VŠB-Technical University Ostrava, will be valuable possibility to get familiar with: modern methods of synthesis of nanomaterials, measurements on unique scientific equipment, analysis and characterization of nanoparticles, toxicity and environmental risks of nanoparticles, molecular modelling of structure and selected properties of semiconducting nano-particles.

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