Physical properties of multilayer thin films of Mg-Ti-V/Ni and their hydrides


dr hab. Zbigniew Tarnawski (AGH) (mail)


Physical properties of multilayer thin films of Mg-Ti-V/Ni and their hydrides

Foreign partner:

Dr. hab. Adam Georg Balogh (Institute for Materials Science, Technische Universitat, Darmstadt, Germany)

Brief description:

Thin-film and multilayer structures often play an important role in the improvement of the rate of hydrogen absorption as well as the chemical and crystal structure stability. The atom mixing, diffusion across the interfaces and precipitation of nanoparticles may affect the hydrogen uptake-release cycling as well. The effect of hydrogen on electronic properties will be investigated as well. The main aim is to explore, investigate and find the best composition of the thin films of Mg-Ti-V/Ni system with gradually changing composition (produced by co-sputtering technique) and MBE method and with different hydrogen content. In particular in order to compare the film and interface quality, the experiments will be carried out on films prepared in MBE system equipped with ARUPS and LEED. In cooperation with the foreign partner (Dr. hab. Adam Georg BALOGH) Dr. hab. Adam Georg Balogh) the Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) techniques, in particular Rutheford Beam Scattering (RBS) methods will be available and are the most suitable for determination of the chemical composition and multilayers structure as well as hydrogen profile.

Students international exchange:

Two visits of the phd-student in Germany are planned. 11 months in total.

The program of the first visit: the measurements with IBA, RBS and X-ray reflectometry methods. The second visit contains the same measurements for hydrogenated samples together with hydrogen profiles measurements.

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